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Addams praises Kellogs for the recent Peace issue of the Survey and asks for additional copies.

Cole asks Addams to speak and advise on certain issues for the General Federation of Woman's Clubs. She also reports on Elizabeth Longfellow Dana's illness.

Lynch applauds Addams's recent speech and sends her Angela Morgan's poem and circular.

Maxwell is interested in the peace movement and promises to send his book on the subject to Addams once it is printed.

Norton forwards a letter (not found) to Addams.
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Addams urges for citizens of neutral nations to work actively for peace.
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Addams, Kellogg, and Wald argue the many reasons why World War One is destroying society, and detail how it is robbing a generation of its people and future. They also argue that the global community has the power to stop this war and prevent other wars.
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