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  • Date is exactly "1915-01-26"

Post suggests to Slayden that suffrage is required for the Woman's Peace Party to succeed.

Zevin writes Addams soliciting a brief statement regarding the disenfranchisement Jewish people are facing in Europe and the United States during World War I.

Shaw writes Addams enclosing material (not found) and offers her service for the Peace Party.

Paddock writes Addams and encloses a $5.00 check for her organization, Malone Political Equality Club, to join the Woman's Peace Party for the year.

Abbott writes Lathrop on behalf of Addams suggesting someone to travel to New Bedford, MA to look over what is being done in regards to housing.

Lathrop writes Addams asking for a recommendation for someone to travel to New Bedford, MA to look into what is being done with regards to infant mortality.

La Follete writes Kent regarding the Woman's Peace Party platform in regards to neutrality.

Gilman gives Addams suggestions on how best to organize meetings with speakers involved, and offers her services as a speaker.

Addams requests Leckie telegraph her as soon as possible to inform her of her decision to accept or deny the position of Chairman of the Press Committee of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams writes Rogers to clarify a misunderstanding and assert her commitment to the cause of woman suffrage.