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Weaver reprimands Addams for endorsing Theodore Roosevelt for President, whom he feels has greatly wronged President Howard Taft.

Walker writes Bill to resign from the 23rd Assembly District Progressive Club, citing Theodore Roosevelt's denial of full rights to African-Americans in the South as sinful and shameful.

The Steiners congratulate Addams on her speech at the Progressive Party Convention.

Roosevelt thanks Addams for her supportive speech and for seconding of his nomination for President at the Progressive Party Convention.

Mossell praises Addams for standing up for black suffrage and asks her to continue her support in the Progressive Party.

The Editor of the New York Times invites Addams to write a series of three letters explaining why women should support Theodore Roosevelt and the new Progressive Party over Woodrow Wilson and the Democrats.

Johnson, a Socialist, writes Addams of his disappoint that she is supporting Theodore Roosevelt for President on the Progressive Party ticket.

Hulet blesses Addams for her work on the Progressive Party Platform.

Coman congratulates Addams on her measured handling of the issue of woman suffrage in her speech at the Progressive Party Convention.

Coman praises Addams for her leadership, likely referring to Addams' work at the Progressive Party Convention.

The article describes the Progressive Party Convention, mentioning Jane Addams' role in nominating Theodore Roosevelt.
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