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Addams discusses women's suffrage and the importance of it in American society at a speech to the Wisconsin Assembly on January 25.
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Addams argues for the right to petition in regard to the Fred Guelzow murder case and the death sentences of the four defendants. She is particularly adamant on behalf of the minor defendant.
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Addams connects woman suffrage with social work, arguing that women's voices are necessary for the improvement of social and labor conditions and that all -- social workers and housewives -- have a stake in making laws, which protect women, children, and families. Addams likely gave this speech on multiple occasions. This speech was also published in the Chicago Tribune on February 4, 1912.

Weidenfeld praises Addams' McClure's Magazine articles and shares his beliefs on the labor issues of women and the morality issues facing women, men, and children.

Briggs writes Addams of his disappointment that she cannot speak at Radcliffe College but hopes she will be able next year.

Blake declines for publication Addams' statement on the Fred Guelzow murder case, arguing that the general merits of her statement are important but the timing is poor.
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