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Wald replies to a telegram from Ragaz.

Wald writes Addams with regard to the New York branches of the Woman's Peace Party.

Wald updates Addams on preparation for her arrival in November.

Wald explains her resignation from the American Union and expectations for the future after the recent granting of suffrage to women in New York State.

Wald tells Addams that she has resigned from the American Union.

Wald updates Addams on the activities of the People's Council and the American Union Against Militarism.

Addams and Wald ask Parker to sign a letter to Woodrow Wilson calling for the maintenance of democratic institutions during war time.

Wald tells Addams that Francis Carey opposed their Wilson letter and remarks on her recent visit with Addams and the situation in Russia.

Wald writes Addams that Survey Board members want to discuss Kellogg's anti-war opinions, and requests her presence at Tuesday's meeting.

Wald expresses her wish for Addams to come to Washington to assist with lobbying

Addams and others send the Curtis Publishing Company a proposal for a publication.

Wald writes Addams about efforts to communicate with Germany and Austria about charges against Alice Masaryk.

Wald describes the efforts she and others are making to defend Addams against attacks regarding her Carnegie Hall speech.

Wald declines Addams's invitation to the International Congress of Women due to the press of responsibilities.

Wald has been asked to speak at Vassar College in place of Addams.
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Addams, Kellogg, and Wald argue the many reasons why World War One is destroying society, and detail how it is robbing a generation of its people and future. They also argue that the global community has the power to stop this war and prevent other wars.

Wald sends Addams a report (not found) summarizing what she feels was Addams' idea, and asks her to correct and return it.

An excerpt from a letter by Addams, Lillian Wald and Mary McDowell to labor unions, seeking an investigation of working conditions for women and children.

Wald discusses the state of peace organizing with Addams.

Wald does not believe that the Washington peace meeting is a good idea and will attend the Child Labor Conference. She hopes to see Addams.

Wald invites Balch to a round-table discussion on peace.

Lathrop and Wald would like Addams to write an article on appropriations for the Ladies' Home Journal.

Wald asks Addams for references for Maria Sukloff in relation to a meeting of the Friends of Russian Freedom.

Wald writes Pinchot that Addams is unable to assist with his campaign due to her other speaking obligations, but she invites him to visit the Henry Street Settlement while in New York.

Wald sends Addams news of her health and asks her to dictate a letter defending her support of the Progressive Party.

Addams and a number of other leaders petition President Taft to open a commision to study the conditions of labor, its relation to the government, the cost of strikes, and trade unions.

Conklin telegrams Addams to let her know that Wald was in Boston, and did not get Addams' letter.

Wald informs Addams about a settlement that has a spare boarding room that Marcet Haldeman could rent.
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