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Wald discusses the state of peace organizing with Addams.

Wald does not believe that the Washington peace meeting is a good idea and will attend the Child Labor Conference. She hopes to see Addams.

Wald invites Balch to a round-table discussion on peace.

Lathrop and Wald would like Addams to write an article on appropriations for the Ladies' Home Journal.

Wald asks Addams for references for Maria Sukloff in relation to a meeting of the Friends of Russian Freedom.

Wald writes Pinchot that Addams is unable to assist with his campaign due to her other speaking obligations, but she invites him to visit the Henry Street Settlement while in New York.

Addams and a number of other leaders petition President Taft to open a commision to study the conditions of labor, its relation to the government, the cost of strikes, and trade unions.

Conklin telegrams Addams to let her know that Wald was in Boston, and did not get Addams' letter.

Wald informs Addams about a settlement that has a spare boarding room that Marcet Haldeman could rent.
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