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Tarbell tells Addams why she declined a position on the United States Tariff Board.

Tarbell is unable to attend a Progressive meeting, but she hopes to see Addams while she is in New York.

Tarbell asks Addams to consider writing an article about martyrdom, a topic the two had discussed during Tarbell's last visit to Hull-House.

Tarbell asks Addams's advice on whether a journalist should join a political party or remain unaffiliated.

Tarbell writes Addams about American Magazine's plans to publish parts of her upcoming book, Twenty Years at Hull House.

Tarbell praises Addams' speech to the Playground Association of America, suggests the possibility of publishing it in the American Magazine, and shares her hopes for a visit to Chicago.

Tarbell writes Addams about her life since her visit to Hull-House.

Tarbell writes Addams about her speech before the Playground Association and thanks her for her hospitality during her visit to Hull House.
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