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Spencer discusses future actions of the Woman's Peace Party.

Spencer offers Addams advice about the WILPF's American Section and warns about aligning the group with radical and militant movements.

Spencer tells Addams her reservations about associating relief efforts with disarmament efforts and prefers Geneva as the home for the next Congress.

Spencer asks Addams's opinion of her staffing plan for the American Section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Spencer asks Addams's opinion of her staffing plan for the American Section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Spencer informs Addams that they will close the New York WILPF office at the end of May and then will work from her house.

Spencer tells Addams that she won't be able to attend the WILPF-US meeting in New Orleans and details her plans for the meeting and suggestions to take on the chairmanship.

Spencer tells Addams about changes in organization and letterhead for the United States section of WILPF.

Spencer updates Addams on organizations changes at the WILPF American Branch office.

Spencer updates Addams on staffing changes at the American WILPF section and on Fanny Villard's plan to create another women's peace organization.

Spencer writes Addams regarding various business to be discussed at the annual meeting of the American WILPF officers, the date of which has been changed.

Spencer invites Addams to speak at the National American Woman Suffrage Association conference and updates her on suffrage movement's activities.

Spencer sends Addams the list of delegates to the Woman's Peace Party meeting.

Spencer suggests possible meeting places and dates for the WILPF American Section's annual meeting.

Spencer updates Addams on the activities of the American WILPF section.

Anna Spencer asks Jane Addams for advice on what the W.I.L.P.F. should do now that the war is over.

Spencer replies to Addams agreeing with the idea of postponing the Woman's Peace Party board meeting until December.

Spencer shares her concern and reasoning for the need in presenting a united front at the next meeting for the Woman's Peace Party.

Spencer believes that Boston is the best choice for the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting and gives the dates best for her.

Spencer informs Addams it is impossible for her to attend the upcoming Board meeting if it is held during a certain period of time.

Spencer suggests the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting be held in Chicago, and states issues that may arise by having it in New York.

Spencer lets Addams know that she will meet the Woman's Peace Party board at Mrs. Wilmarth's.

Spencer informs Addams that she cannot attend a meeting.

Addams requests that Catt does not begin preparing for war during the upcoming National American Woman Suffrage Association meeting as many women still hope it will not be declared.

Addams calls Wilson's attention to a congressional bill on espionage which she believes threatens the freedoms of US citizens.

Spencer offers Addams her opinions of an emergency peace meeting which she felt was poorly run.

Spencer tells Addams she cannot attend any conferences organized before the twenty-first of February.

Spencer approves an emergency meeting for the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party, but can only attend on specific dates.

Spencer approves of her name being included on a telegram to President Wilson.
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