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Smith's note, written at the end of a letter by Addams, reveals that Addams is too ill to travel to New York, despite her hope to do so.

Martin sends Addams the text of telegrams from Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman and Mary Rozet Smith that arrived after Addams departed. Martin also reports that Addams' speeches were successful.

Smith thanks McCormick for the check on behalf of Bowen and Addams.

Smith reaches out to Haldeman after the death of Haldeman's mother and discusses family affairs and Hull-House.

Smith tries to persuade Wald to join the trip to Holland for the International Congress of Women.

Addams and forty-five other women petition Post to halt the deportation of Emmeline Pankhurst.

Addams and forty-five other women petition Wilson to halt the deportation of Emmeline Pankhurst.

Addams and forty-five other women petition Wilson to halt the deportation of Emmeline Pankhurst.

Addams and other Chicago women send a message to Emmeline Pankhurst in solidarity with her, appalled at her detention at Ellis Island.

Smith invites Kohn to visit her and Jane Addams in Bar Harbor, Maine, soon.

Smith thanks Kohn for the candies she sent to her and to Jane Addams aboard ship for their journey to Egypt and offers some details of their sea voyage.

On behalf of Addams, Smith writes James about Addams's speaking engagements in Wisconsin and clarifies that she endorsed the Progressive Party as an individual and not on behalf of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

On behalf of Addams, Smith writes Robins about Addams' speaking schedule in the coming weeks.

On behalf of Addams, Smith asks Eastman to clarify Addams' speaking schedule in Wisconsin.

Smith writes Kohn to confirm her stay at Hull-House.

Smith thanks Brett for sending Addams a copy of Spirit of American Government.

Smith asks whether Kelley can come to visit in November.

Smith chats with Wald about plans for the summer and her ward.

Smith writes to Kelley regarding education expenses for Sara as well as on the health of some of Kelley's friends in the neighborhood.

Smith urges McCormick to cast a vote to defeat George Duddleston's candidacy for president of the Chicago Board of Education.

Smith describes missing Margaret Kelley at Christmas and covers preparations for celebrating the holiday. She provides brief news of her family.

Smith writes about Wald's planned trip, sickness and death in her family, and the installation of an organ in her mother's memory at Hull-House.
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