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Graves sends Addams a check for $1,000 for Hull-House from Julius Rosenwald.

Graves tells Addams that Julius Rosenwald will not donate towards building a new building at the Bowen Country Club, but he will seek donations of furnishings from manufacturers.

Graves tells Addams that Sears, Roebuck and Company will donate beds and chairs for the Boys Barracks at the Bowen Country Club.

Rosenwald's secretary tells Addams that Julius Rosenwald will support her request for portable houses for the Joseph Tilton Country Club.

Addams wrote Rosenwald requesting him to donate additional funds to the National Child Labor Committee but Graves would like additional financial information on the Committee before he recommends that Rosenwald make a larger donation.

Graves acknowledges Byrons letter about tax laws.

Graves sends Byron a donation from Julius Rosenwald to the Pelham Memorial Fund.