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Rosenwald asks Addams for the Progressive leaders to offer statements on literacy tests for immigrants.

Graves informs Addams that Rosenwald will be donating $500 to the National Child Labor Committee.

Addams wrote Rosenwald requesting him to donate additional funds to the National Child Labor Committee but Graves would like additional financial information on the Committee before he recommends that Rosenwald make a larger donation.

Addams and other members of the American Vigilance Association resign so that the organization's headquarters can relocate to New York.

To celebrate his 50th birthday, Rosenwald donates $50,000 to establish a country club for social workers of Chicago.

To celebrate his 50th birthday, Rosenwald makes a donation to Hull-House and acknowledges Addams' decision to support the Progressive Party as correct.

Addams introduces Rosenwald to Harriet Vandervaart and the Neighborhood House in the hopes that he may offer a donation.

Addams and Rosenwald write Wald that they believe Julia Lathrop is the best candidate for appointment as head of the United States Children's Bureau.

Rosenwald and Addams write Mack in support of the appointment of Julia Lathrop to head the United States Children's Bureau.

Rosenwald writes Lathrop about a loan he made to a man named Goldberg.

Rosenwald sends Addams $500 for her work.

Rosenwald thanks Addams for sending him a copy of her Charities and Commons article because he believes everyone should read it.

Rosenwald apologizes for the delay and encloses a check for Hull-House.
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