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Odell asks Addams to intervene with Maud Park to allow the WILPF's international visitors to address the League of Women Voters Convention.

Odell asks Addams for advice on WILPF foreign speakers.

Odell asks Addams for advice on which international speakers the WILPF United States Section should invite to speak.

Odell asks Addams about whether she will attend upcoming meetings and asks her to nominate a WILPF committee on Pan-American relations.

Odell asks Addams's advice on which European peace activists should be invited to speak for WILPF.

Odell sends Addams a report on European speakers and suggests that they will be able to raise the funds needed.

Odell tells Balch about planning for a politically themed conference and asks about her plans to come to Washington.

Odell asks Addams's advice about the United States Section's stance on disarmament and having male speakers.

Odell updates Addams on the WILPF United States Section's plans regarding the Washington Naval Conference.

Odell tells Addams about the plans for December meetings that the WILPF United States Branch made, and invites her to speak at a mass meeting.

Odell asks Addams to invite John Dewey and Margaret Dreir Robbins to speak at the WILPF's mass meeting.

Odell tells Addams about the office space WILPF has secured in Washington, as well as ongoing work there.

Odell thanks Addams for the opportunity to take on the United States Section of WILPF.
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