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Marshall looks forward to Addams' visit and has made arrangements in England.

Marshall sends Grey a copy of the resolutions passed by the International Women's Congress' in preparation for his meeting with Addams,

Marshall describes that some people would like to meet Addams.

Marshall discusses the work of the British Committee of the International Women's Congress and hope that Addams will be in Europe soon.

Marshall reminds Addams to call for a joint committee meeting.

Courtney and Marshall ask Addams if she received their earlier contacts, and inquire about Chrystal Macmillan's travels.

Marshall explains the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's role in relief efforts, asking to be allowed to participate in the Conference on Russian Relief and to help spread word about the appeal for help.

Marshall gives Addams her take on the Russian Relief Conference.

Marshall updates Addams on meetings with pacifists and proposes a resolution regarding the conscription of people in newly won areas.

Marshall advises Hertz to select Austrian women to join the League of Nations delegation.

Marshall advises Matsch on the composition of Austria's delegation to the League of Nations.

Marshall tells Glücklich about the details of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's Executive Secretary position and the Hungarian delegation to the League of Nations.

Marshall discusses efforts by German women to work with Polish women in Upper Silesia to foster peace.

Marshall sends Ishii a proposal on the Silesian question drafted by the German women of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom for the League of Nations.

Marshall argues that disarmament will reduce military spending and urges delegates to the Washington Conference to work towards peace

Marshall reports to Addams on the printing of the Disarmament Manifesto.

Marshall asks Addams to serves as WILP representative to the International Committee for Relief in Russia and updates her on activities in Europe.

Marshall and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Executive Committee tell Addams they are planning a December conference and ask her to preside.

Marshall tells Addams about the plans for the Hague Conference and discusses the death of her father and the toll it took on her family.

Marshall proposes a detailed policy for the operation of the Hague Conference.

Addams and others send the resolutions carried by the Conference for A New Peace to heads of world governments.

Marshall sends Addams a copy of her letter to Vilma Glücklich regarding Women's International League for Peace and Freedom matters.

Marshall asks Glücklich for information about staffing for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and tells of her health and travel restrictions.