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Lynch asks Lochner to resign from the American section of the Central Organization for a Durable Peace on the grounds that others are resigning because Lochner is a member.

Lynch writes about the travels of Battin, and some of his accomplishments in traveling abroad to various branches of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

Neuhaus explains that The Church Peace Union cannot participate in matters that do not involve the Churches, but does suggest someone Addams can contact.

Lynch asks Addams to endorse Lella Secor's American Committee for the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation.

Lynch informs Addams that he cannot publish Hardin's paper.

Lynch requests an interview from Addams about the Woman's Peace Party.

Lynch praises Addams' Carnegie Hall speech and hopes that they can organize a peace conference before she returns to Chicago.

The Church Peace Union invites Addams to join an new international peace organization.

Lynch applauds Addams's recent speech and sends her Angela Morgan's poem and circular.

Lynch supports the idea of a peace meeting and suggests some other religious groups that might be interested.
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