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Hyers provides an update on the travel activities of various members of the Woman's Peace Party.

Hyers reacts to the news that Addams may travel to Chicago. Hyers has been handing out tickets for a large meeting and will keep Addams updated on the organization of it all.

Hyers thanks Holt for a copy of Percy MacKaye's work and asks for half a dozen more to be sold.

Hyers informs Everly that she is being sent literature written against Preparedness, and a report of the International Congress of Women for Permanent Peace.

Hyers tells Berwald that Addams will not participate in his propaganda and that the Woman's Peace Party is a neutral organization.

Hyers writes for Addams thanking Dundas for his help with the peace movement and asking him to send President Wilson a request for a meeting of neutral nations.

Dorman had previously requested materials on "preparedness" as a strategy and the Woman's Peace Party has sent him information on the issue.

Hyers sends Lay information about the Woman's Peace Party's work.

Hyers sent Dockery literature on the Woman' Peace Party as requested.

Hyers writes for Addams, explaining why Addams opposes shipping munitions to belligerents.

Hyers acknowledges Dashiell's resignation from the Virginia Peace Party.

Hyers sends Emerson literature on military training in public schools, and against preparedness for a school debate.

Hyers informs Collett that the Official Report of the Congress at The Hague can be purchased from the Woman's Peace Party.

Hyers thanks French for wiring the President. She also asks French to write back if she knows whether or not the Maine Federation of Women's Clubs has ever supported the Woman's Peace Party.

Hyers writes to Lewis that with this letter is an attached copy of some peace literature and further explanation about previous communications Lewis has received.

Hyers suggests one of Addams' pamphlets for Caldwell's use in a contest.

Hyers advises Wilton that Addams cannot write an article due to illness, but sends some materials that Wilton can use.

Hyers responds for Addams, telling Pfannebecker that it would be extremely difficult to help the peace movement by contacting relatives in Germany and urging them to protest to their government.

Hyers thanks Stewart on behalf of Addams for her New Year's greetings.

Hyers provides a much anticipated response for what could be accomplished with several hundred dollars.

Holt had sent Addams a copy of her play, which Addams cannot fund or send on to Ford, as Holt had hoped.

Hyers promises to ask Addams if she is well enough to speak in St. Paul.

Hyers informs Gallery that it is not possible for the Woman's Peace Party to use her article.

On behalf of Addams, Hyers thanks Cory for her letter.

Hyers writes to Cory for Addams, explaining that Cory should expect the arrival important literature, like copies of the Manifesto.