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Hertzka tells Addams about the people that she has met and about the political troubles in Germany and Austria.

Gobat sends WILPF members a letter by Yella Hertzka suggesting that the League headquarters move to a less expensive city which would enable better collaboration with Eastern European activists.

Hertzka asks the WILPF Executive Committee to consider moving the International Headquarters from Geneva to a less expensive city in Eastern Europe.

Hertzka asks Addams to assist Karl Beth with peace work during his trip to the United States.

Hertzka asks Addams to use her influence to support Ireland's independence.

Writing on letterhead of the Austrian Section of the W.I.L.P.F., Hertzka tells Addams about her plans to travel to the United States to raise funds to support the return of prisoners of war from Russia.

Hertzka tells Addams about her work for prisoner of war and her plans to travel to the United States.

Hertzka asks Addams for funds to support the repatriation of Austrian prisoners of war.

Hertzka asks Balch to encourage Catherine Marshall to help mitigate Article 160 of the Paris Peace Treaty regarding war prisoners.
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