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Gale reacts to an article in The Survey about peace. Gale also will not be able to see Addams in October.

In this statement, Gale, encourages members of the Woman's Union to come together to eliminate the violence that World War I has brought.

Gale praises Addams for The Long Road of Woman's Memory.

Addams and others send the Curtis Publishing Company a proposal for a publication.

Gale suggests to bring up the topic of anti-militarism at the next Neutral Committee meeting

Gale asks Addams for advice on how the Woman's Union of Rochester should respond to the declaration of war.

Gale sends Addams her views on how the Woman's Peace Party should react towards requests to help with war relief.

Gale asks Addams whether she supports the Second Conference for Democracy and Terms of Peace and asks for a reaffirmation of the goals of the Woman's Peace Party.

Gale asks Addams to send a statement reaffirming the goals and purpose of the Woman's Peace Party to each branch to ensure they don't lose their way.

Gale asks that Abeel be asked to represent the Committee at the upcoming Board Meeting.

Gale apologizes to Addams that she cannot attend a meeting.

Gale tells Addams that she won't be able to make the Woman's Peace Party meeting in Philadelphia and regrets not being able to see Addams.
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