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Addams informs Briggs that she will consider speaking at Radcliffe College if she comes to Boston in the winter.

Briggs welcomes Addams who will stay with him during her visit and asks for the subject of her address.

Briggs writes Addams of his disappointment that she cannot speak at Radcliffe College but hopes she will be able next year.

Briggs thanks Addams for considering speaking at Radcliffe College and hopes that she will let him know when it might be possible.

Russell invites Addams to speak to Radcliffe College students if she will be on the East coast during the school year.

Briggs invites Addams to speak at Radcliffe College.

Briggs invites Addams to speak to Radcliffe College students when ever she is on the East coast.

Briggs thanks Addams for her letter and looks forward to a visit.
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