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Bok informs Addams that she cannot have an article published before the November election, but he would like her to write one essay per month about new issues women are facing for the Ladies' Home Journal.

Bok asks Addams about her writing and compliments her on her editorial.

Bok suggest that Addams make her new article, Need a Woman over Fifty Feel Old?, more personal as she, herself, is a woman over fifty.

Bok asks Addams for an article arguing against the idea that women over fifty should give up social service and civic work.

Bok praises Addams' article on peace slated for the December issue of the Ladies' Home Journal.

Bok acknowledges receipt of Addams' May and June articles for the Ladies' Home Journal and calls "The Family and the State" article "delicious."

Bok discusses Addams' series of articles for the Ladies' Home Journal setting a schedule to obtain more before she leaves for Egypt.

Bok explains his ideas about Addams using Louise Bowen's material for her articles in the Ladies' Home Journal.

Bok suggests that Addams use pamphlets of Louise DeKoven Bowen to fill her Ladies Home Journal columns while she is away in Egypt.

Bok asks Addams to revise an article submitted on religious education, asking her to edit it with an eye toward the appeal of a more general audience.

Bok gives Addams until the end of February to complete her church article for The Ladies' Home Journal.

Bok invites Addams to write an article or story for The Ladies' Home Journal for the next Christmas season.

Bok again asks Addams to write an article about the church and sends his wishes that Twenty Years at Hull-House will have wide circulation.

Bok asks Addams to write an article for The Ladies' Home Journal on the moral and ethical issues currently involving the church.

Bok asks Addams to write editorial articles for The Ladies' Home Journal.

Bok discusses publishing schedules for Addams' articles in the Ladies' Home Journal in light of the publication plans for her book.

Bok provides Addams with feedback on her Ladies' Home Journal article entitled "Why Girls Go Wrong."

Bok congratulates Addams on her suffrage articles for the Ladies Home Journal.

Bok asks Addams to write an article about the relationship between parents and children for the Ladies' Home Journal.

Bok, the Editor of Ladies' Home Journal, congratulates Addams on the success of her article and urges her not to hesitate to contact him if she needs help publishing her work.