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Barnett updates Addams on the release of her book and asks for Addams's help to publicize it in the United States.

Barnett suggests that Addams meet with influential members of the British government and offers to help.

Barnett sends a notice to the National Federation of Settlements from a message that the late Samuel Barnett once delivered.

Barnett sends Addams samples of her late husband's writings to share with social workers in America.

Barnett sends Addams some works on her husband for a memorial service and talks of the changes in her new life as a widow.

Barnett sends a portrait of Samuel Barnett for use in magazine tributes and praises Addams' work.

Barnett tells Addams of her grief over the death of her husband and discusses visiting America in 1914.

Barnett discusses an article to be published in the Survey and its implications on publication in England.

Barnett is uncomfortable writing about her deceased husband and sends drafts to several of his friends.