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Addams discusses Emma Goldman's case with Wald.

Addams writes to Haldeman about the family members she saw in Saratoga Springs, New York.

The author seeks Addams' help in convincing the government to aid in his cause to find an island where anarchists can live.

Addams writes to Haldeman about Christmas plans and Weber Addams' illness.

Wharton writes Addams for suggestions for candidates for a job opening at the Starr Centre.

Addams writes Ely about her manuscript for Democracy and Social Ethics and delays in writing.

Wheeler sends Addams a letter from Harry Selfridge and writes about going to Philadelphia.

Addams writes Haldeman about family finances and plans for the family Christmas celebration.

Addams thanks Haldeman for sending a sampling of grains for a Christmas display.

Lippincott seeks Addam's opinion for a new hire at the Kingsley House.

Addams writes Haldeman about new plans for Christmas.

Addams writes Reynolds about plans for a series of lectures.

Addams thanks Sikes for her contribution to the Christmas fund at Hull-House.

Dunne offers holiday greetings and accepts Addams' invitation to visit.

Richmond gives Addams detailed feedback on her book, Democracy and Social Ethics.

Macmillan reports to Addams that the company has received the agreement to publish Democracy and Social Ethics.
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In this published excerpt of a lecture given on March 25, 1902, Addams describes how Hull-House provides a cheaper form of theater entertainment for the neighborhood.
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Addams addresses the Merchants Club of Chicago regarding the stealing and gambling habits of young, immigrant boys.
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Addams argues that tenement conditions are bad and that regulations are needed to prevent worsening conditions.

Addams recommends Fanny Fisch for a summer job.
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Addams' first of two lectures on the topic of "Newer Ideals of Peace," this one about recent wars and their effects on Russia.

An excerpt of Addams' lecture on how settlement houses give people opportunities to practice arts and crafts, an important activity for immigrants afraid of losing their cultural heritage.
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Addams's second of two lectures on the topic of "Newer Ideals of Peace," this one about the impact of labor and trade on international relations.
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Addams discusses the life of Leo Tolstoy and the conditions he faced in Russia.

Addams discusses how the peasant influenced the work of Tolstoy and his approach to labor.