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Spencer has been able to rearrange her schedule to meet with Addams and the W.P.P. board in Boston.

Addams discusses upcoming peace meetings with Kellogg.

Kellogg would like to know Addams' availability in October so he can schedule a meeting of the Survey Associates' board.

Karsten confirms she has sent a letter proposing a meeting of the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party to be held on October 7 and updates Addams on other women's activities.

Addams calls a meeting of the Executive Committee in Boston on October 7, regardless if all of the Board members can attend.

Addams criticizes a study to be supported by the Woman's Peace Party and wants do discuss it at a meeting of the Executive Committee.

Addams cannot give Huebsch her opinion on Schwimmer during the Ford expedition because she was not there herself and has received multiple contradictory accounts.

Kellogg sends Addams financial information about The Survey and believes that they will reach their membership goal by the end of their fiscal year.

Kellogg discusses a letter Addams sent to Jacob Schiff and asks about the next meeting of the Anti-Preparedness Committee.

Karsten informs Addams that Gulick is the secretary of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

Addams tells Kellogg she agreed with his response to Jacob Schiff.

Kellogg discusses funding for Survey projects and invites Addams to come to New York for a meeting.

Addams trusts the staffing of Hull-House to Kohn, but designates certain tasks for specific people.

Addams is traveling to Boston and there will be several committee meetings. Addams would like Wald to also come to Boston because the group is working on implementing Mead's plan.

Addams discusses articles that Kellogg wants to publish and discusses a meeting with Jacob Schiff.

Addams likes the peace pin that Forbes sent and hopes that she will see Forbes in October.

Addams has some edits for Sch├╝tze's pamphlet and asks Thomas to have her wait before publishing it. Addams will be traveling in October for a series of meetings.

Addams agrees with Sedgwick that the names of the authors does not need to be included with the article. Addams has also asked Balch to take on communications with Sedgwick.

Addams accepts Balch's invitation to serve as a correspondent with the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and suggests two other people to be considered.