Ray Stannard Baker Papers, 1836-1947

Documents in this collection


Addams provides Baker with the names of some people in Boston.

Addams notifies Baker that Walling has written up the Building Trades situation and suggests that he get in touch with him.

Addams thanks Baker for the magazine article and for gathering data and invites him to visit Hull-House when in Chicago.

Addams thanks Baker for sending her a copy of his book, Following the Color Line: An Account of Negro Citizenship in the American Democracy.

Addams informs Baker about a potential job for Mr. Rath.

Addams declines Baker's invitation to speak at the Amherst Woman's Club, due to her busy schedule for peace. She asks him to persuade Ida Tarbell to attend the International Congress of Women.

Addams writes to Baker hoping to do a speaking tour in the East once she has recovered.

Addams thanks Baker for sending her a copy of his book, What Wilson Did at Paris, and hopes to meet him in Chicago.

Addams invites Baker to testify before the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.